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Rules & Regulations

Important Regulations:

  • ENGLISH will be spoken AT ALL TIMES in the school premises.
  • All should be punctual for class. No one who has been absent or late maybe admitted to class without the signature of the Principal, or Class Teacher on the Regularity record.
  • Wearing of school uniform for classes, PT uniform for PT and SUPW is compulsory for all the classes. Wearing of colorful jackets, Sweaters, and fancy accessories, rings, belts etc is prohibited. Goods confiscated by the school authorities will not be returned.
  • The school is not responsible for goods lost. It is NOT advisable to bring valuable articles and money to school. All our students are expected to be honest and truthful at all times.
  • Day Scholars or Boarders who cannot return promptly after the holidays should inform the Principal in writing before the school resumes after the holidays; else they will have their names struck off their rolls or a fine will be imposed.
  • PRIVATE TUITION are discouraged. Teachers will be most willing to help those weak in studies, during their free time in the school. Parents and Guardians should not approach the teachers in this regard without the written permission from the Principal.
  • Day scholars should not leave the school premises without the permission from the Principal.
  • Boarders should get explicit permission from the Principal or Hostel –in-Charge to leave the school or hostel campus at all times.
  • Parents and Guardians are to meet the Principal and teachers regularly to inquire about the progress or behavior of their child or wards.
  • Parents and guardians are urged to inculcate in their child’s or ward’s a taste for prayer, a sense of the divine and a life of moral virtues.
  • Parents and Guardians are expected to accept, respect and abide by the disciplinary measures taken by the school authorities.
  • Absentees or Late-comers must get their calendar signed before entering the classroom from the Principal.
  • Parents and Guardians must co-operate on the following points:
  • Checking frequently on their children’s attendance and behavior and duly signing the leave notes.
    • Sending their children to school on time on all class days and to all the other activities of the school.
    • Seeing that they study at home daily. Seeing that they complete the lessons and exercises given for home-work.
    • These lessons and exercises will be found written in the student’s calendar.
    • Signing against the remarks in the Remarks Column.